Meijer Holiday Simply Give DOUBLE MATCH Days – Tues. December 3rd and Fri. December 13,2019

The Meijer Holiday Simply Give Double Match days for this campaign will be Tues. December 3rd and Friday December 13th.   For every $10 Simply Give card purchased from the Davison Meijer during these 2 days, Meijer will give $20 (for a total of $30) to the Outreach East program.

Why is the Meijer Simply Give Campaign so important to Outreach East?
Meijer’s Simply Give Campaign, especially the double-match, is vital to Outreach East providing enough food to meet the needs of our ever-growing amount of clients. In 2018, we were very blessed by this program, having received $28,100 from Meijer. That’s a lot of money for food, but it goes quickly because of the number of clients we help. We spend approximately $3100 every month at Meijer for food for our clients, excluding all the holiday meals we provide to families several times a year. To give you a better idea, in the past 12 months, we provided assistance to 6485 clients (2191 families consisting of 3785 adults and 2700 children) and provided them with 155,748 pounds of food! So if you haven’t already picked up a $10 Simply Give card, please consider doing so during the 2 double match days because your $10 will provide $30 in food for our food pantry. Thank you!

As our number of families (especially seniors) continues to rise, this wonderful program helps us to meet the increased need! 100% of the money raised will stay right here in our area where it can do the most good.

Meijer  Holiday Simply Give campaign runs through January 4, 2020.

And remember the DOUBLE MATCH DAYS are Dec 3rd and Dec 13th !!

THANK YOU!!!!!!!!

Page updated 11/10/2019