Programs @ Outreach East

FOOD Program OClients can receive food every 30 days including can goods, dry goods,meat, cheese, eggs, bologna, hot dogs, vegetables ,fresh fruit ,soups, peanut butter , jelly , mac and cheese, bagels,laundry soap, dish soap toilet paper , bar soap and bakery items as available .We also give personal care items (shampoo,toothpaste deodorant every other month.

Food reclamation projectThrough grants /donations, Outreach East is able to supply containers and pay school employees to package the left over un-served food to freeze for pick up once a week to distribute to our food clients. The response to this program is great. Seniors and moms love to just pop it in the microwave for a quick meal – pizza, hamburg, meatballs potatoes and gravy , chicken nuggets , breakfast items and many items we would not be able to supply to our clients. That totals approximately 6000-7000 pounds of food a year that otherwise would be thrown away. Win- win for everyone!

Diapers/ Baby Food -We take very good care of our littlest clients. Diapers and wipes are always available. Formula ,baby food, shampoo, powder and lotion are also available dependent on donations.

School Snacks- Thanks to the thoughtfulness of 3 Pepperidge Farms Route salespeople ,we are able to supply cookies and crackers to our clients and school counselors for their snack closets.

Clothing – Clients can visit our clothing room every other month . Last year Outreach East gave out over 3200 Adult shirts , 1800 adult pants, 2500 boys and girls shirts, over 1900 boys and girls pants and 1850 pairs of underwear and over 2000 socks.

School Supplies / Back packs – Client parents bring us a list from the school their child attends and Outreach East helps them with backpacks and as much of the supplies that we can. This is accomplished totally by donations from our community. Since Davison School District is a year round program and school starts in mid August, we start giving out the first of August. Donations very appreciated starting early in June and July .

Household items-Household items are available to our clients. In addition to our clients, w also assist but are not limited to Veterans moving into housing from programs, women trying to move from an abusive relationships and maybe have nothing as well as foster and family members taking in children unexpectedly. Donations of gently used sheets, towels are always needed.

Winter Coats /Boots and hats Every year Outreach saves and collects cans and bottles and people also donate their cans etc year round or at our Cans For Coats drive in Nov. That enables us to buy and give new coats, snow suits and boots to needy children . We also have hats and gloves that are so generously donated as well. Feel free to drop off your empty cans to outreach any time during the year!

FinancialOutreach has a few different programs for financial assistance for utilities , rent evictions etc. depending on funds availability . In 2019 we were able to help with over $60,000 in Rent evictions and utilities. This does not include what was spent on medical, auto and other expenses

Christmas Adopt a child – Last year outreach assisted over 420 Children with Christmas gifts. It is because of all the people and local businesses that “adopt a child” that makes it possible to light up that needy child eyes on Christmas morning.

Outreach co-operates with the schools as well as maintains a database with other surrounding entities so that children do not get missed as well as children do not get served by other agencies as well. By reducing the number of children being served by more than one agency it allows us to serve more children effectively.

Holiday Dinners – Last year Outreach was able to give almost 700 holiday dinners. These dinners included ham or turkey, stuffing , potatoes,gravy , yams, marsh mellows, green beans,cream of mushroom soup, cake and icing , biscuits, pancakes , syrup and of course they received their normal monthly food order as well.

Referrals – If we can’t help you we have a lot of resources to refer you to to get the help you need. Stop in and we’ll print you a list.

Volunteers – Outreach has over 40-50 volunteers it depends on to run the basic operations( approximately 15-20 a day) We also have weekly volunteers that come in from other organizations, some with special needs that do a great job and are able to give back to the community. In addition we get “blueberries” , school kids ( honor kids ) as well as others that need to do community service. Outreach is always looking for good volunteers , long term people that are organized, friendly and hard working.

KEEP IN MIND – Although we get a lot of donations Outreach has to purchase a lot of the food and personal care items from many places such as Meijer, Krogers, Food Bank of Eastern Mich., Aldi. The main core of the food items are purchased and its through the donations received that we are able to fulfill the need in the community and areas around us that truly are in such need. Even though we are a non-profit -We also have to pay rent, gas for vehicles,insurance, utilities, and more expenses of running a business. It is all of you that make it possible to help everyone.

“Caring people helping those in need”