Memorial Donations


What better way is there to honor a loved one than to make a gift in their memory that supports an organization that assists families in our local communities and provides life-changing hope?

Your memorial donation is a fitting tribute to someone special. Your support helps Outreach East provide a wide range of assistance with: utility shut-off notices, rent evictions, medical needs, gas cards, clothing, personal care items, school supplies and baby items, such as diapers and wipes. Please take comfort in knowing that your loved one’s memory will be honored by helping local families see a better tomorrow.

Recent Memorial donations were made in memory of:

Evan Anger
David & Sharon Bidlack
Carl Binder
Ella June Clark
Kay Doaks
Sharon Eubanks
Erickson /Wenzel Family Members
William Finkbeiner
Ray & Millie Garman
Hugh Greene
Stephanie Marie Harris

Norma Harvilla
Susanne Hilgendorf
Wayne Jackson
J. David Karr
Joan Kelts
Andrew Klocek
Greg Kotlark
Mathew LaVictoire
Jacquelyn Leaman
Marjorie Looney
Fran Mc Carty
Tim Mc Catty
Arlene Meinecke
George Montague
Tom Palmer
Lynn Perry
Eugene Price
Donald Pumphrey
William “Larry” Sargent
Scott Shepard
Frank Slusser
Eileen Starr
Michael Stockman
Sharon Treichel
Betty Wallace
Harold Wills
Connie Wilson



Recent donations were made in honor of:

Bob and Carol Garrison
Lynn & Douglas Haglund
Clarence Halligan
Harry & Marlene Baker