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About Us:

Outreach East –

Outreach East

We are a non-denominational, walk-in, year-round emergency resource center dedicated to assisting area individuals and families with food and other essentials. Outreach East is its own 501(c)3 and your donations are tax deductible.  Established in 1990, Outreach services Goodrich, Davison, and Otisville, as well as we have expanded now to include Genesee County- EAST of Center Rd. This new expansion will cover approximately 225 square miles of Genesee County. Supported by the generosity of our community through local individuals, churches, businesses and organizations, Outreach East is able to reach out and help meet some of the basic needs of our area families. This cannot be done without the caring hearts of those that donate food, money, services and time.

A Little History:

Outreach East was founded in 1990 as a small 15 x 20 room as a food pantry. It became a 501(c)3 in 1993 and grew to offer food and clothing, and some financial assistance as well a satellite station in Otisville.

Through the years Outreach East has grown to over 3000 sq feet and is in need to expand again as we are running out of room. Some things have to be store off site until needed, our Christmas giving has to be processed at another location as well. We could offer more and be more productive in our mission with a larger location.

Today Outreach services almost 7000 clients a year for food, clothing , and spent over $60,000 assisting clients with utilities, rent evictions. In 2019 we gave over 186,000 pounds of food for clients including 684 holidays dinners. For Christmas we sponsored 428 children.

In addition Outreach currently assist 14 other agencies with referrals, fresh vegetables , clothing and other items.

Outreach East has reclamation program where through Davison Schools that have left over un-served food is frozen and picked up by outreach so we may give to our clients thereby reducing school waste and helping others at the same time.

Although the economy seems to be better, the need and the struggle is still very real. Many School districts are from 45-70 % free and reduced school lunches. The Davison area is at 49%. That is almost half of the school district that qualifies.

Outreach East just recently was able to acquire land in Davison and we are looking to build a large building that will enable us to serve more , widen our district and help with ending the battle against hunger.