New Building Fund

Through the years Outreach East has grown from a 15 x 20 one room pantry to over 3000 sq. feet and is in need to expand again as we are running out of room. Some things have to be store off site until needed, our Christmas giving has to be processed at another location as well. We could offer more and be more productive in our mission with a larger location.

Outreach has grown to service almost 7000 clients a year as well as assist 14 other agencies ( assisting and touching the lives of an additional 60,000 people) and the numbers keep growing. With your help Outreach plans on building a new building of approx. 7000 square feet which will enable us to expand our district and help more people.

Outreach East was able to purchase some land for the building and now with you help we need to raise the money to build it!

With the new building everything could be located in one place – improving productivity and effectiveness. We then could develop new programs that would help our communities. One such program could be to assist those in need in filing online for assistance. A lot of our seniors do not have the knowledge of how to do this as as everyone knows – everything is going digital! Even DHS, Food Stamps, SER forms are now filed online. SO many miss out on assistance simply from not knowing how.

There are many other ideas to improve but the biggest reason we need your support is to be able to grow and assist those truly in need in and around our communities.

Please click on this donated button to donate towards the building fund

Together we can make it possible !