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Economy and Outreach East

Through the generosity of many people, during the last year (2019) , Outreach East was able to assist 6,845 individuals.

In 2019- Outreach East has spent:

$63,000 for food

$42,306 with utility shut off notices

$18,148 in rent evictions

$10,00 0 in medical needs, personal care items, school supplies, gas cards, diapers, wipes, laundry and dish soap, to mention some of the other areas we help in.

2345 families received over 186,700 pounds of food from our food pantry. Not included in this number are the donated bakery goods, bagels, fresh fruit, vegetables, “free shelf” items and food from the schools we repurpose to our families.

60% of our funds are donations from individuals, businesses, area churches, community service clubs and organizations.

40% comes from our fundraisers, such as the Thunder for Hunger/Rock Out Hunger Party, Rock of Ages Dinner/Concert, Flower Sale’s and many other events throughout the year.

Although the economic climate is improving in other areas, it doesn’t seem like our side of Genesee County is faring as well.

    49% of Davison students receive free and reduced lunches

Our senior client numbers have tripled from 4 years ago and we see more single people than we have ever before.

18% of our clients live on $800 or less a month

Most of our client Families with 2  or more children on 1500 dollars or less a month

Many of our families, even with as little as they earn, make too much to qualify for a Bridge Card (food stamps).

Daily, I have the privilege of meeting clients— people just like you and me— who are experiencing difficult financial times and are doing their best to make ends meet.

Some are victims of cancer, car accidents, illnesses, abuse, job loss, hurricanes (We have helped 3 families who lost everything and relocated here because of Irma) or have taken in grandchildren, nieces, nephews or unrelated children due to addictions or abuse.

I know I have mentioned this in the past but I think it bears repeating—Our clients could be your neighbors, people who attend your church, wait on you in restaurants, gas stations, sit next to you at school events, etc. Their children could go to school, play, ride the bus or eat lunch with your children.

Some of their situations are heart breaking and we at Outreach East give thanks to all those who support this program and are grateful to be in a position to make a positive difference in their lives.

Thank you for your support ,

Jan Lebert, Director

If you already support Outreach East, thank you very much. If not, please consider making a donation today, or click here to see all the ways you can help us. Your generosity could make a huge difference in someone’s life.